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Who is Dwhight Molina?

Venezuelan born in November 1982, Author, speaker and Motivational Mentor, He developed his skills as an entrepreneur thanks to the experience he had in various companies in Venezuela.

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Dwhight Molina, has focused on creating companies and providing services that provide quality of life and options that improve the status of all people who for some reason made the decision to emigrate to the United States.

He is a natural, tireless and decisive communicator when he wants to achieve something. His passion is to reach people with the truth and especially from the hand of God.

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Today he undertakes a new role. TV Host called ¨Bienvenido América¨, where he interviews many people who are role models because of their ideas, determinations and especially because they provide a service to the community.

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The United States is full of opportunities, but you have to know how to take advantage of them. This is ratified by more than 50 million Latino immigrants who have arrived in search of a better destination. Migration is a channel to improve the standard of living and brings a remarkable development potential, mainly economic.

The very fact of emigrating reveals enormous courage and determination. Dwhight Molina will share strategies, experiences and reflections that lead people to face the challenges of emigrating with a correct attitude, exposing topics such as: what is a purpose, motivation, decisions, attitude, common sense and faith, which determine the moment Crucial adoption a new nation.

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