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What we do?

By having your own company you must focus on the projection and growth of it, Dwhight Molina, through its Taxes service and Bookkeeper will be in charge of registering, identifying, classifying and storing all financial transactions to present the financial statements of the company with all the reports.

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Gráfico Bookkeeper Dwhight Molina Consulting Group

Our team of professionals are committed to understanding your business and giving you timely responses, thanks to the use of innovative tools to streamline processes and seek to maintain good fiscal health, which is of utmost importance for business and personal development in the United States.

Some of the tax services we can offer you are:

  • Get the maximum legal refund of your taxes
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Tax planning
  • ITIN tax ID: individual tax identification number
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We work under the ADP platform which is undoubtedly the best solution for your company's payroll payment with ADP's online payroll, you can:

  • Run payroll faster with just a few clicks
  • Have taxes automatically calculated, deducted, and paid
  • Make quarterly and annual reports for you
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